Mindful. Respectful. Engaging. Culture.

Your company culture is the heart and soul of your business. You can implement all the systems, methods and strategies of a great business but without a conscious company culture, your plans may wither on the vine.

If you’ve defined your strategy, the culture will determine when and perhaps if you get there.  Learn the tools of the trade to create and encourage a company culture that is respectful, mindful, and above all else, performs for the employee and the business.  



  • The critical need for an effective, actionable, repeatable mission statement and guiding principles

  • How to identify, build and communicate the philosophy of your unique culture

  • The criteria for designing your culture to carry true, measurable financial value

  • How to develop your systems to road test them against your culture

  • Insights, trial and error, and real strategies which have become truths and systems in our organization over the past 32 years of operating a perpetual start-up.   



Leaders, change makers, and executives who are charged with developing or expanding your company’s culture.  Anyone in search of personal fulfillment in the workplace and beyond.


Do you have five or more employees and colleagues in mind for this seminar? Contact Kara Marshall at kara@amysedu.com or give us a call at (512) 458-6149 x:518 to discuss our private seminar options and group pricing.