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Amy's Ice Creams CoWide Huddle!

Open-Book Management (OBM) is an accessible business structure empowering employees and owners to run the organization with an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset results in unparalleled business and cultural success. Start by sharing and teaching the three major financial statements. Using gamification techniques, turn the “running of the business” into an interactive multi-player game that energizes your staff to take control of your company's financial success.

Amy's Ice Creams CoWide Huddle gathers employees from every part of the organization together to discuss the financial impact of their efforts on the company's bottomline, work together to achieve the company forecast set for the coming quarter, play high energy financial literacy games, and eat some cake, too!

We welcome guests to attend our CoWide Huddles to take a peek inside how Open Book Management works on a multi-unit scale. If you'd like to sit in, please email Kara Marshall at to grab a spot!