With 32 years of experience we know what it takes to adapt and implement our methods. We can create unique and customized educational plans to teach to your staff, your leaders, and even you.




Speech Writing

Writing a pitch? Need to make a business case to the executives? Trying to inspire your front line? Speech writing can be hard especially when you have a ton of constraints. At Amy’s EDU we pride ourselves on being able to turn stale topics into impactful speeches.  



Speaker Prep/Rehearsal

You’ve got the words and now it’s time to perfect your speaking style. Our extensive private training will prepare you to deliver an award-winning speech or talk. We will help shape your voice, body, and tone to achieve the goals you have in mind.


Visual Aids/Activities

Strong visual aids and activities will take your speech or talk to the next level. Impressive graphics, video, and animation can be hard. Throw away the boring PowerPoint and let’s work together to create something truly moving that pushes your speech or talk forward.



Customer service training can be difficult even with the right culture. Your business is unique and your people deserve training that is just as unique. We design custom programs and can host your company in our learning space. We also love to go onsite for training too!



The four principals of Amy’s EDU, Amy Simmons, Aaron M. Clay, Mark Banks, and Michael Hartman, can attend your event and provide a great talk about our expertise. Inspire your attendees to reach farther and be stronger with our refreshing and entertaining approach to public speaking. We truly aim to create memorable moments for our audiences.