Gathering of Games 2017

Mark Banks and Aaron M. Clay presented a session on practical financial literacy at the 25th Annual Gathering of Games. The resources below are available for you to use in your own literacy programs. If you have any questions email us at 


7 Steps to Practical Financial Literacy

Check out the slide deck, created with Prezi Next, to review the slides that were most important to you or to catch up on something you missed. If you would like the audio that goes with this presentation please visit Great Game of Business to request the audio file. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.31.28 PM.png

The 7 Steps Guidebook

Download the guidebook Aaron and Mark used during the 7 steps session. Find helpful notes and activites we discussed during our session. 

Watch the All-Star Champion Acceptance Speech

Aaron M. Clay and Mark Banks accept the Gathering of Games All-Star Champion Award for our work in Open-Book Management. Amy's Ice Creams started playing the Great Game in 2006 and has seen income increase by 250% over the last ten years. Spread the word that Open-Book Management can rebuild our communities and businesses and rebuild the middle class.