Servant Leaders Rule.

Leadership isn't about being the boss.  It isn’t a position you are given or earn. Leadership is a mindset, a relationship you build with yourself and your organization to propel the business to success.  With over 32 years of leadership experience, Amy’s Ice Creams has cultivated a Leadership Mentality, a model starting with the leader within, whether you're a brand new frontline employee for whom this is your first job or seasoned leadership team member.


  • How to build an enduring relationship with the leader within

  • The mastery of leadership guru John Maxwell

  • The art and privilege of Servant Leadership

  • How to impact and improve results regardless of your position in the company

  • How to instill concepts of autonomy and ownership in all employees

  • Basics of Intrapreneurship

  • How to develop a vision of success

  • Coaching methods that produce stronger employees and results

  • An extensive review of Amy's Leadership Power Tools

  • A renewed sense of confidence at work and in life



The course is designed for executives, managers and future leaders who are ready to take a big step in their careers as effective and responsible leaders.