Radical Transparency.  Unparalleled Results.

More than the flavor of the month, Open Book Management (OBM) has become the lifeblood and soul of Amy’s Ice Creams' success. OBM empowers all employees to know, understand, and ultimately run the business.  It’s radical, it’s daring and drives incredible success. 

With years of experience in multi-unit open book operations, Amy’s has developed industry-leading systems and processes, adaptable to any organization, regardless of size or industry.



  • The history of open book management

  • How to put your team at ease surrounding financial transparency

  • How to prepare easily interpreted profit and loss statements to be shared across all levels of your organization 

  • How to teach employees to read all major financial statements

  • How to design a gameplan 

  • How to vision your success as you plan

  • How to use data to drive wildly improved results

  • The art of translating numbers into narrative

  • The benefits of healthy competition -- it's a game!

  • Why and how to share the success across every level of the company

  • Game-ify your business to keep even the most cynical employee engaged



This seminar is designed for leaders and owners who are new to open book management or looking to innovate and reenergize their teams.  Come explore with our team how 'playing the game' has driven our organization to vigorous levels of success, motivation, and community.  


Do you have five or more employees and colleagues in mind for this seminar? Contact Kara Marshall at kara@amysedu.com or give us a call at (512) 458-6149 x:518 to discuss our private seminar options and group pricing.