Our Story


Amy’s Ice Creams has a secret. We’re not simply an ice cream company. Ice cream is actually a front for education personal development and entrepreneurship. The company was founded in 1984 and over the past 32 years a movement has emerged and is changing the world in our circle of influence.

The Amy’s Ice Creams business model gave a self-expressive, free-form, maverick start-up company a unifying structure and set it on a course of evolution.  Our culture is one of high-level training and personal development skills, which ultimately gave birth to the newest and smartest member of the Amy’s family of businesses yet.

Amy’s EDU is a full-service business consulting and entrepreneurial development company and the culmination of 32 years of institutional development.

History & MBAmy’s

Education and training have been a core values of Amy’s Ice Creams since the inception.  Our basic training has evolved into a separate, higher level curriculum designed to go way beyond how to make and scoop ice cream  -- "the how."   This internal academic program, MBAmy’s, is comprised of four separate courses which focus on developing higher-level, critical thinking skills in the individual -- “the why.” 

We know in a world powered by economic success sincere customer service can often become no more than a repetitive script.  We believe our customers have an outstanding service experience while our employees understand the value the customer brings to the health of the business.  Success is measured by more than the bottom line.  At Amy’s, it is also measured by the smiles on our customers’ faces and the satisfaction of our employees from knowing how a business operates and believing that being an entrepreneur is a right we all possess.  

Our goal is to create a unique way of looking at the world of business while having a ton of fun!  We are invested in making the once elite financial literacy of business accessible to everyone.  We transform numbers into narrative at every level of the company through financial transparency, changing the way business is viewed and ultimately how it is practiced.

We build business skills and entrepreneurial training for every employee regardless of the duration of employment with us but more importantly for wherever life takes them next. We strive to create better partners for all businesses and the economy at large for our collective future. 


Amy’s EDU  

We began our journey with a mission: Ignite Bright Minds. The mission adeptly sets the wheels in motion, promoting clear and confident communication between the front line and executives, and developing leadership skills.  Amy’s EDU offers instruction that elevates the work-life experience, building infectious company culture, exquisite customer service, leadership development, public speaking, and open book management. The feeling of loving what you do is deeply dependent on your team feeling the same way and together enrolling customers in this equation.

What makes Amy’s EDU different from our competitors is our dedication to edutainment; turning "Ha-Ha!" into "Aha!"  Our seminars are not a guy reading from a binder but rather an entire production built to teach.  In the era of Buzzfeed, The Daily Show, and 2-minute YouTube videos,  our classes engage and inspire through a wide variety of teaching methods and interactivity.

It all begins with employees themselves and the culture of the business. All too often we see companies find a shiny new strategy, struggle to implement the new system, see it fail and the boss moves on to the next big thing.  The result is that employees become fatigued and cynical towards training.