Customer service is a vital function of every organization and relies on systems, people, and a well-made plan working together to create a positive experience for clients and customers.  Award-winning customer service comes as a result of mastering how to synchronize and manage all moving parts and variables to create the "Total Customer Service Experience."

Starting with the individual in mind, Amy’s EDU will analyze the foundations of great customer service and how to craft a system for your business.  It's not enough to design the plan, winning customer service is all in the execution and sustainability.  Upon completion of this course, organizations and individuals will be armed with tools to create and revitalize their current service workflow, creating human moments as a foundation for customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.  



  • The history of the service economy

  • How to engender an exceptional customer service mindset in your team

  • Tested methods to establish and hone impeccable customer service

  • The "Total Customer Service Experience" Economy

  • How to anchor a Culture of Service in your organization

  • How to problem solve with our original "P.V.T.M." Model

  • A go-to list of "Customer Service Power Tools"



The Total Customer Service Experience will be beneficial to leaders, employees, and change-makers who want to improve their current customer service programs and take them to an exceptional level. Great for trainers!


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