The Two Minute Vent

Sometimes carrying the load of the day is too much. You need assistance. Asking for help is a sign of strength.

Think of yourself as a tea kettle, water inside are your emotions. The flames are the stresses on your life. These stresses alone are manageable. However when we turn up that heat, what happens to that water?  It starts to boil!  As we add more flame to the fire the pressure of the steam must go somewhere?

If you don’t choose to release just a little steam the result can be devastating. In our perfect world we would just remove the kettle from the fire. You know a fun trip to the Bahamas.  However, life follows us no matter where we go.   We can’t simply remove ourselves.  Stephen Covey, professor, author and creator of Franklin Covey, states you don’t have two lives, you only have one.  You must learn to live the one.  This method will allow you to whistle before you blow which can be devastating for our co-workers and family.

It’s time to vent.

The Two Minute Vent Method

  1. Vent to the right person.  (Heat rises so don’t vent to directs/subordinates.  We suggest you chose to vent to colleague or supervisor.) 
  2. Ask  to vent. Make sure that person is the right frame of mind and be sure to say, "I'm not looking for a solution just to let off some steam.
  3. Two minute rant. Only take two minutes and no more to release irrational thoughts and feeling. Get out all of the bubbling emotions and take the full two minutes.
  4. Seek a positive solution. A vent with out a solution is just gossiping. “Can you help me seek a solution.”

As leaders we deal with a lot of stress both from our personal and work lives and this method will help you handle that stress to create a more productive work environment.